In order to maintain a high accuracy, it is important to conduct regular calibrations. On Fagerlund we oblige with the calibration of torque tools as well as customers' own calibration equipment. We help you with service, repair and calibration of virtually all known brands.

If you use the instrument in your work, you probably know how important it is that they show correctly and you and your customers can trust what such scale weight. When you calibrate an instrument, you get black on white on the right instrument actually shows.

We strive to always be available to our customers. You can contact us when you are in need of advice. We bring our knowledge so your torque tools always work. In order to offer short delivery and prompt service, we stock a complete range of spare parts for all standard items.

Calibration is all about quality assurance and credibility. In a technical context based almost always a decision on measurements in one form or another. Correct decisions therefore requires reliable results. Decisions made in error, for example, lead to erroneous constructions. Without accurate measurements, the company risks lower quality, less competitive and - ultimately - poor profitability.

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